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All amateur radio operators involved in amateur radio emergency services should be utilizing the new ARES CONNECT system . Go to the attached link to access the system.

                                  ARES CONNECT

After you register as a volunteer, there are several events that you should check out on the system.  If you are involved or plan to participate in an event you should register for that event. This allows us to know who  will be a part of that event. Everyone will in the future be logging their own time spent on an event.

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St.Patrick’s Day 2018 Run

St.Patrick’s Day  2018 Run


Please come out and help with the run by providing radio communication. All ham radio operators helping with this event will meet at 8:00am for breakfast at GW’s.

The race starts at 10 o’clock . Registration  starts at 8:30 at The Renaissance. There is one water station on the route and will be placed most likely around the half way point.  Thank you so much for helping us out for this great event.