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W3BWW DMR Repeater Online

At last nights ARES Meeting, much discussion was held in reference to the new W3BWW DMR Repeater.

It was decided to begin a new “DMR NET” to be held 7:00 PM each Wednesday on this new repeater and you are invited to participate.

Here’s the info for the “Channel” for the net.

Freq: 444.825/449.825

Channel Name: TIF LOCAL

Contact Name: Group 2

Group List: 2

Color Code: 1

Repeater Slot: 2

Hope to here you on the net.


Daniel L Stahl, Emergency Manager

KC8PBU – Amateur Radio Operator

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA)

We will have an on the air meeting Saturday morning at 9:00am on the KB8EOC repeater 145.150MHz PL 107.2.

GOBA 29, June 17-24, 2017
Findlay–> Tiffin (Sunday)
Tiffin –> Bellevue Optional Layover Day(Monday)
Tiffin–>Upper Sandusky (Tuesday)
Upper Sandusky–>Bellefontaine
Bellefontaine to West Liberty/Urbana–> Optional 50/100 mile rides -( Thursday)
Bllefontaine –>Kenton (Friday)
Kenton–>Findlay (Saturday)
The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) is a week-long event for bicyclists who travel to a different part of Ohio each year to bicycle, eat, camp out, and have fun with 1500 of their closest friends.  GOBA bicyclists travel 50-60 miles each day, from one host community to the next.   This small bicycle mobile town needs all of the same services that would be needed in any small town, including an above average amount of bicycle and flat-tire repair service.

GOBA is also the largest bicycle ride in the world with emergency and health & welfare communications provided exclusively by amateur radio.

Become a ham

Amateur Radio Operations on GOBA

Amateur Radio provides GOBA’s 3000 bicyclists with quick access to emergency services provided by GOBA’s organizers.  Volunteer amateur radio operators from local county Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) groups and amateur radio clubs in GOBA’s host communities work hard each year to help keep GOBA riders safe.  For these amateur radio operators, all of whom have passed tests to earn their radio licenses from the Federal Communications Commission, volunteering on GOBA is both a community service and an important emergency preparedness exercise.  Using their technical communications skills and thousands of dollars of privately owned radio equipment, these critical volunteers use GOBA to refine their skills and improve their equipment to ensure their ability to provide emergency communications services to Ohio citizens in the case of a local, state, or national emergency.

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