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Fellow Amateurs and Friends,

My departure from Tiffin and Seneca County come with a bit of sadness in leaving behind many wonderful experiences and big handful of friendships that I shall miss greatly as I join the ARRL North Texas Section. I have enjoyed the many events, projects, meetings and the opportunity to also see many of you gain your license and become a part of the hobby that we love.

There is much here to be proud of as each of you has been a part of so many of the great accomplishments that we have worked to make happen. From the smallest efforts in helping each other to making the Cross Country Carnival a huge success each year, Seneca County Hams always give their best to make it all happen. The close relationship we enjoy supporting our EOC lead by fellow Amateurs Dan and Mike is surely another very positive and rewarding aspect of the Amateur Radio community here in Seneca County. ARES and the Seneca Radio Club often working together have been a lot of fun for me over the years that I made Tiffin my home.

I commend all of you for the good work along with an always friendly, supportive and dedicated effort to make Amateur Radio a value added resource to the community we serve. Each with a special skill or talent all pitching in to not only get the job done but to showcase our capabilities to the community and fellow Hams who benefit from the pool of experience that is available. This is what you are and what Amateur Radio is all about.

So as I prepare to leave this coming week, let me say Thank You for all that you do and for giving me some of the best memories I will ever have. I wish you all the best in the years to come.

Please stay in touch, w8erw5574@gmail.com

Thanks & 73,


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  1. Well I guess we’ll see, how good this Ham Radio (STUFF) really works. I’ll have extra length, height and maybe the angle changed on the long wire, before the snow flies, in hope’s for a QSO from Texas, with you on the other end. The original 13 colonies, might be a little harder from Texas; I can relay for you; Ha Ha. We all know it won’t be like talking in person, but life and the world are always changing so we’ll make the best of it. Not the end of the world, just a few more miles, of world, between us. I hear that tech stuff is making great strides and soon it will be like being there in person.

    THANKS for being a my Elmer, getting me back into radio, testing , teaching and being there anytime I needed. (your still on call ?)

    THANK You, for in the years I’ve known you, and worked with you, your Knowledge,
    Companionship, and above all FRIENDSHIP have added a GREAT DEAL to my life and retirement years. (who could ask for more)
    No doubt the people in Texas, where your moving, don’t, know how lucky they are!!

    Good Luck, God Bless
    Old Friend,
    Mark WD8KQX 73

    1. Jim – you will be sorely missed – by both your amateur radio friends and me personally. There wasn’t a task or favor that you ever turned down. Your support and encouragement were much appreciated, ands we are all better for having known and worked with you. Best wishes on your new endeavors, and please keep in touch. Maybe we can have some new adventures vicariously through you. Best 73’s!

      1. Scott,

        It took me 6+ months to see this. I guess I wasn’t expecting a note here, and had not bothered to look. Anyway, now that I have, your comment on “Vicarious” notions certainly is a possibility.

        I trust that you are doing well and life has been good. We shall have to catch up on our war stories etc. some day soon.

        I’ve been meaning to give you an update on the brute force tow bar that you sent with me to Texas. Although I’ve tried several venues to get it into some other hands for a price that would do you some good, I’ve not had a single hit on it yet. I thought I’d leave the information with one or more of the local RV facilities in hope of it being noticed. That has not been productive either. Perhaps it is the specific nature of the device and it being set up for the Chrysler products that it fits. I thought sure I’d would have gotten at least some casual interest. Maybe now that the season is beginning anew, there will be.

        I ended up with a 5th wheel and a GMC diesel and have not had use for it myself.

        Plans aren’t completed yet, but we should be in the area sometime in July. If it turns out to be the first of the month, I’ll probably just make the trip in time for Field Day and get around to see the gang then.

        Take care Scott and thanks for the kind comments. You are and always have been appreciated both as a friend and a great fellow Amateur.



    2. Hey Griff,

      I just found your comments after all these months. Hard to believe for a guy who checks email etc. all day long.

      Anyway, I appreciate your comments and the truly warm friendship that we have enjoyed over the years since we fought the REMFs and survived our tenure of employment at that not to be mentioned place.

      Those were certainly interesting times with hardly a day gone by that we didn’t have something of interest to talk about.

      73 and stay strong,


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