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Seneca County ARES Members
Thursday, September 28, 2017

Seneca County ARES members will support the Boy Scouts of America annual JOTA, Jamboree On the Air during the weekend of October 20 -22, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This will be an all-day event each day to provide an Amateur Radio experience for the Scouts. Jeff WB8REI initiated a net on Thursday, September 28 at 8 PM on the KB8EOC Repeater to discuss planning and operational issues. All Amateurs are welcome and encouraged to participate in this upcoming event. The Scouts will be eager to learn all we can teach and show them about our hobby. JOTA will culminate with Scouts earning their Radio badge.

We will get together next on Thursday, October 5, 6:30 PM at the EOC to assemble and test our proposed HF remote controlled station. This will be a dry run under controlled circumstances to test and modify equipment in preparation for the event. We will also make preparations for locating antennas and a supporting AREDN MESH network. We will need plenty of help on Thursday evening.

The Scouts will be given an opportunity to see firsthand our HF radio remote setup and to operate alongside our ARES Licensed Hams. We will be using an HF radio remotely located in the fairgrounds and operating from the EOC. The control function will utilize an AREDN MESH network between these locations. Several additional amateur related functions will also be utilized via this MESH network including, video links between the remote and control locations, Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP, Telephony, and Chat. All of this will use the network for connectivity. The AREDN MESH Network is a wireless network especially designed for Amateur use.

We will be having regular net sessions for those interested in assisting during JOTA. All Amateurs are again encouraged to join us as we put together and complete this exciting project supporting the Scouts and their annual JOTA exercise. The preparation prior to the start of the event will require a good amount of setup in addition to the actual JOTA exercise. Please come join us as we support our local Scouts and give them a great Amateur Radio experience. You will also see some great technology in action.

Additional details will be provided via email and on the website.

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