Local ARES Officers

James Hershberger – KE8ERN- Emergency Coordinator

Assistant Emergency Coordinators:

AEC  Communication:   KC8PBU Dan Stahl   This person will promote  communications and resources, train and encourage members, and facilitate radios  for area hospitals.  This person will keep the “vision” of how ARES can be of technical assistance to served agencies, and be instrumental in the design/development of projects.

AEC Tactical OperationsWB8REI Jeff Potteiger     This person will head up field operations during a disaster or emergency, working directly with Incident Command, NCS stations and other key players to pass on tactical assignments for ARES individuals.

AEC PIO & Training Data Manager:  W8ERW Jim Yoder This person will be involved in communicating the interest of ARES to the general public and media. He will also maintain training records.

AEC Technical Assistant:     KC8BUJ Mike Klaiss      This person will provide technical assistance in the operation of repeater communications and other communications resources. In emergency deployment, will consult with Tactical Operations to develop dependable communications links.

AEC NTS Liaison:     KC8WH Mike Hayward   This person has the duties of coordinating our support with the National Traffic System by moving or handling traffic into and out of Seneca County. This person is responsible for training ARES members in handling traffic.