Amateur Radio Classes and VE Testing

Seneca County regularly conducts both Amateur Radio Classes and VE Testing
for anyone interested in becoming an Amateur or upgrading their current license.
Class schedules when available, will normally be posted here on the ARES website.

License testing under the ARRL VEC program is normally conducted following each
class to accommodate those who have completed their class.  Additional exam
opportunities will also be available as requested.  Information including dates and times
will also be posted here on the website.

If you would like to sit for an examination, please contact the webmaster or
Dan Rinaman  We are always
available for questions and or suggestions.

Please be aware of the following requirements for Amateur Radio testing:

-The current fee (2016) is $15.00
the fee covers administrative expenses.
Valid photo identification is required at the time of testing.  (Drivers License).
– A copy of or original Amateur Radio license for those taking an upgrade examination.
Your Federal Registration Number (FRN).  You can apply online and for those who
are already licensed, the FRN is on your current license.
FCC form 605 filled out in ink.  (provided at time of testing).
– A calculator if desired.  (Must have memory cleared)
– Scratch paper.  (provided at time of testing).
– No. 2 pencil(s) for use on your answer sheet.  (provided at time of testing).

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