General Class 2013

Amateur Radio General License Class

Free Training – The only cost is materials & test fee.

Presented by Seneca County ARES®

To be held at the Public Safety Building at the Seneca County Fair Grounds

Starting April 3, 2013

Class will be from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

The class will be 8 weeks, meeting one night each week.

We will cover all aspects of the requirements to obtain your General class license.
Many of our members will present information relative to the hobby including equipment, antennas and operating procedures, all of this in addition to preparing you to pass the examination at the end of the class.

Testing is also done by local Amateurs who are volunteer examiners authorized to conduct examinations. The examination is not meant to be difficult, although there is a lot of information to absorb. The idea is to get you on the air so that you can learn and enjoy the hobby, not to exclude anyone.

All of us are excited about the opportunity to present another class in Seneca County and our response to the initial class was just super.  There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Amateur Radio, from contesting to using our local repeaters, HF DXing, digital and data modes, amateur television and of course Morse code or CW as we call it. Amateur Radio works when all else fails.

There is no cost for the class other than the study materials. Usually a study book is required. The class begins on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 and will be held at the Public Safety Building in the fairgrounds.

Hams are all about helping each other and we’d love to have you with us in January. 

Course books will be about $25.00 and the FCC test is $15.00

We use Gordon West’s book:

2011-2015 General Class

Get the book before the class starts so you are ready when the class starts.

To sign-up the class click on the link:

General Class Sign-up Form

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