General Class Upgrades

Fellow Amateurs,

Our ARES VE testing session this evening was very productive.

A total of 5 passed their examination and are now upgraded to General Class. As a VE, it’s always great to work one of these sessions and especially so here in Seneca County. We have made approximately 20 new Hams in the past year and many are now actively working on the upgrade with 5 passing the exam tonight. Those of us who have held a license and are serving as VE’s well remember our own sense of pride and accomplishment when we finally studied and obtained our own call signs. It’s a satisfying event to now be able to help others along the paths of Amateur Radio. Seeing that smile and relief on the faces of others after passing the test(s) is truly a rewarding experience for all of us. I’d like to thank my fellow VE’s for their time and dedication to this worthwhile effort. It’s a pleasure to be able to work alongside each of you while administering the exams.

So, congratulations are in order today for the following who advanced to General Class. William Eckelberry, KD8TLK

David Hager, KD8TLJ

Edna Coleman, KD8TLF

William Lucas, KD8TLI

Joseph Hudak, KD8UGI

For this of you who missed tonight’s testing, we will schedule a make up examination shortly and will send another email as soon as we have a firm date. And if you were thinking about an upgrade, you to are more than welcome to attend the next session.

Thanks & 73,

James E Yoder W8ERW

Technical Coordinator – Ohio Seneca County ARES Public Information Officer  

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