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Seneca County ARES just completed a Technician prep class, and all 5 students passed the exam with flying colors. Congratulations to our newest Hams, who have just received their new callsigns. We are very proud of them and the commitments they made to prepare for the test! I believe that we currently stand at a 100% pass rate when students follow through consistently with the three recommended parts of the prep program.

If you are interested in getting started in Ham radio, or you know someone who is, take heart! We will be starting ANOTHER class January 8! There will be a link on the website here soon, which you can follow via the Training Tab above. We will ask for your contact information and will let you know what you will need for the class. As always, there is no charge for the class, but the book is approximately $25. The test fee at the end is a modest $15 as well, but we will discuss that in class.

Through a number of successful test prep classes over the past 15 months or so, we have figured out a formula to help you more easily pass the test to get your license and get on the air. There are three very important parts, including getting, reading, and studying the book, coming to class every week, and taking free online practice tests as we go along. The book contains all the answers and questions you will be responsible for, along with general explanations for the various topics. In class, we work our way through a Powerpoint presentation created by the author of the book, and add in a LOT of “color commentary” as well, listing personal experience, further explanations and applications, and some “hands-on” time as well. When you finish our class, you have a decent understanding of what you need to know to get on the air as soon as you get your callsign. Finally, taking the practice tests helps you see what areas you still need work on, and builds confidence that you will pass the licence exam at the end of the class as well. As they say, “practice makes perfect!”

Our practice has been to offer the classes on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM till approximately 9:00 PM. We will take 8-9 weeks to finish the class, including the license exam. We don’t rush through the material, but we also don’t drag our feet or waste your valuable time either. Again, if you get and study the book, participate in the classes, and take and continue to improve on the practice testing, you should be able to feel very confident that you can get your license and get on the air.

These classes are generally held at the Public Safety Building on the Seneca County Fairgrounds, through the generosity of the Seneca County Emergency Management Agency. Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) is proud to stand beside them in service to the citizens and Agencies in Seneca County and the area.

Although this class is to prepare for the Technician (beginner) Class test, we do plan another upgrade class as well! As we did last year, we plan to offer a General Class license prep program starting in March. So, if you already HAVE your Tech License, or you just complete the Tech Class starting in January, you will be more than welcome to join us for the Upgrade classes as well. They follow the same format and use materials from the same author, so you can be confident in both the format and your opportunity for success.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us through the website, and we will be glad to get back with you. Again, look for the link soon on the Training Tab above, and join us in the fun and exciting hobby of Amateur Radio!

Scott Rosenberger, KE8JC

ARES Emergency Coordinator


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