Simplex Net Changes

Fellow Amateurs,

A couple of changes are underway to our regular monthly schedule.

We will move the Simplex Net to the 1st Saturday of the month beginning November 3rd. This will be combined with the Siren Test to occur at the same time.

The change is being implemented to both save some valuable time that all of us are finding difficult to find with all the activities we must cover as well as to facilitate a more active Simplex Net.

In addition to the Siren Test and Simplex Net, we will also be testing the equipment we have placed at the hospitals, the jail and the middle school.

The next scheduled Simplex net then will be Saturday, November 3rd.

All amateurs are welcome to participate.

Thanks & 73,

James E. Yoder W8ERW

Ohio Section Technical Coordinator

Seneca County ARES Public Information Officer


UPDATE*** There will be no regular Simplex Net in December. As we will be participating in the Christmas Parade at the time of the net, that will constitute our monthly simplex operation. We look forward to your participation again Saturday, January 5, 2013, at 11:00 AM!

Scott, KE8JC

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