Technician Class 2012

Amateur Radio Technician License Class

Free Training – The only cost is materials & test fee.

Presented by Seneca County ARES

To be held at the Public Safety Building at the Seneca County Fair Grounds

Starting September 5, 2012

The class will be 12 weeks, meeting one night each week.

  • Pass your Amateur Radio FCC exam right in class during the last session.
  • Live equipment demonstrations, including emergency radio communications.
  • Radio demonstrations of radio internet linking, plus computer communications.
  • Training on how to operate through local repeater systems.
  • Study questions reorganized for easier classroom learning. New Simple Test!
  • Multiple – choice examinations with no Morse Code test required.

Ham radio operators provide valuable communications in an emergency. Many cities throughout the country use ham radio operators to support Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and actual call-outs. This action-packed class will feature live ham radio equipment for everyone to learn how to operate. Study along with the class work and on the last day of the course you can take your amateur radio Element 2 Technician class examination, right in the class room!


  • Earn full ham radio Technician class radio privileges.
  • Earn radio communications through satellites and the International Space Station (ISS).
  • Operate your own ham radio position-reporting system (APRS).
  • Operate ham radio television and computer radio photos (ATV and SSTV).
  • Become a ham radio emergency responder.


Course books will be about $25.00 and the FCC test is $15.00

To sign-up the class click on the link:

Register for Ham Class

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